Episode 9 - Onion Brains

March 11, 2016

This episode was originally published on Monday April 8, 2013.

In this episode of BrainMeats! Lisha Sterling talks to Noisebridgers Andy Isaacsonand Ruben Starset about the Internet privacy tool called The Onion Router or TORand about the Noisetor project which takes donations from people like you and turns them into exit nodes.

As I mention in the podcast, Noisebridge is facing some very serious financial troubles right now. The world is also a less private place today than it was a year ago, or the year before that. In fact, it seems that tools to protect privacy become more and more important each day. If you can, please support the work of Noisetor by ;going to their website and clicking on the PayPal or Bitcoin button or bycontacting them by email to make a donation.


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