Episode 7 The Growing Things Episode

March 8, 2016

This episode was originally published on Thursday November 8, 2011

In this episode I talk to Melissa Rasmussen about Aquaponics, Permaculture, and her experiences in the field. She talks about her travels, the effect of these agricultural methods on the environment and food production, and their relationship to community.

During the show, Melissa mentions a few resources which you can find here:

Aquaponic Gardening, by Sylvia Bernstein - A book of basics on aquaponics and small-scale systems. Sylvia also offers porch-sized aquaponics kits through her company, Aquabundance.

AquaponicsCommunity.com - A community forum with thousands of members, most of whom have systems up and running (with pictures!) A great networking site and place to learn from others' experience.

Max Meyers - NorCal Aquaponics - For the permaculturist with a little land to play on. Max is one of the few aquaponics designers in the world to flesh out aquaponics systems by applying permaculture, creating systems that are even more productive, resilient, and self-sustaining. He offers intensive courses for those looking to immerse.

Friendly Aquaponics - Located on Hawai'i, Friendly Aquaponics is a commercial producer of lettuce and tilapia, as well as other goodies they eat themselves. They are professionals in the true sense of the word, and offer trainings in Hawai'i and Florida. If you want to run your own farm, talk to them.

Another resource she mentioned, very different from the others is the book Rework a book by Jason Fried et al, about enterprise, and what it really takes to start an organization (specifically a business) that you're passionate about and that works.

If you'd like to reach Melissa, you can email her on Gmail at the username rasmussen.melissa.

This week's intermission music is I Wanna Bury You in Six Feet of Sugar by Mr. and Mrs. Smith, from their album Porch Recordings, published under a CC share alike, attribution, non-commercial license.


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