Episode 3 - BrainMeats on Distribution

March 1, 2016
This episode was originally published on Monday, March 19, 2012

This episode is about creating and distributing products through community-enabled tools like hacker spaces, YouTube, and Kickstarter. Whether you are creating digital products, like Ben Dobyns' JourneyQuest show or the physical products produced by Beth Kolko's Shift Labs, a combination of highly connected media and transportation systems and an enthusiasticly supportive community make it possible to get your stuff out there like never before.

Just to punch that thought home a little harder, I've added in some great music by artists who have found innovative ways to get their tracks out to the public. The first song you'll hear is a traditional gospel song called "Turn Me Round" sung in a new arrangement by Psalters who have gained listeners and fans by releasing music in the public domain. They've watched their pieces spread in some unexpected ways. You can download the album "Us Vs. Us" that this song comes from for free here. After the main conversation between Willow, Beth and Ben, you'll hear a piece called "Revenge" by the group A Cedar Suede. I first heard their music when a copy of their cd showed up on the windshield of my friend's car in Seattle. That's about the most extreme form of direct distribution I've ever heard of!

We've also included the audio portion of the Kickstarter campaign video for JourneyQuest season 2, which was successfully funded at nearly twice the group's funding goal. This is an example of how you can gain power to create even better stuff by showing people how awesome you can be even when you have no resources.

You can watch JourneyQuest on YouTube or Hulu.

In other bits and bobs, we've got a Maniacal Laugh recording by Mike Koenig, a show identifier by Lisha's 12 year old son David Sterling, and, as always, YACHT's Utopia.


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