Episode 2 - Educating Your Brain(Meats)!

February 29, 2016

This podcast was originally posted on Sunday 18 December 2011

We had three conversations over Skype to get a broad view of the subject. In the first conversation Willow and I spoke to Beth Kolko from the University of Washington and James Carlson of The School Factory. James and I are enthusiastic cheerleaders for an unschooling society, and Beth talks about the work she has to do to undo what she calls the “damage” that school has done in order to get students to take ownership of their own learning.

Next, Willow has a conversation with Peter Hall, a Deputy Principal at a primary school in Auckland, New Zealand. He gives us a perspective from inside a school system into how we can improve what we have and make learning truly personal.

We finish up the podcast with a conversation we had with Kushal Chakrabarti from the education micro-loan organization Vittana and ;Dale Dougherty of Make magazine and Maker Faire. Kushal gives us a more international view of education in this last talk, and looks at how education beyond basic literacy and numeracy changes a person's options in life. Dale talks about how making bridges the gap between subjects and relevance, and how what you make is evidence of learning.


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